Refinished Trash Bin

Refinished Trash Bin |

The trash bin we use in our kitchen matched our old furniture perfectly, but when we bought new furniture, it kind of stood out. I figured refinishing would be a fairly quick project, plus it would match the current decor better.

– screwdriver
– drop cloth
– paint stripper
– brush to apply paint stripper
– plastic scraper
– mineral oil
– shop rags
– steel wool (fine)
– sandpaper (fine)
– stain
– brush to apply stain

STEP 1 – Took off the lid, door, and back of the trash bin. Made sure all hardware was removed. Placed the bin and other pieces on a drop cloth.

STEP 2 – Used paint stripper to remove the old stain and varnish. I used some CitriStrip that I had left over from another project. I used a cheap brush to apply a layer of paint stripper. After a couple of minutes, I used a plastic scraper to remove the stripper. This removed most of the varnish. I applied the paint stripper a second time to remove the areas that still had the old varnish.

STEP 3 – Used mineral oil to clean off the paint stripper. I applied some mineral oil to a shop rag and cleaned up the wood. The areas that still needed a bit more work, I scrubbed with a fine steel wool.

STEP 4 – Lightly sanded all pieces. The paint stripper worked well, so a light sanding was all that was needed. I was going from a light stain to a dark stain, so I wasn’t concerned with getting completely down to the bare wood.

STEP 5 – Applied stain. I used Minwax Polyshade in the Mission Oak color. I wasn’t sure about using the Polyshade, but I think it ended up looking good. I used a brush to apply the stain and let it dry overnight. One coat of the stain was enough to achieve the look I wanted.

STEP 6 – Put the trash bin pieces back together. I replaced the knob with one that matches the knobs on our cabinets. The trash bin is now in our breakfast room and looks so much better.

Trash Bin {Before & After} |

Trash Bin {Before & After} |

Trash Bin {Before & After} |

Painted ‘Rules’ Wall Art for Nursery

I previously posted about a travel themed sign I made for Gavin’s room to hang near the bookcase. The other thing I made for his room was a boy’s rules sign.

I first saw the ‘rules’ wall art on Pinterest. It seems several people sell different versions. I couldn’t find just the right one to purchase, so I painted one myself.

To make the sign, I used an 11″ x 14″ canvas, white paint, green paint, vinyl, and a Silhouette Cameo.

Originally, I painted the canvas green and was going to have the lettering be in white. Then, I decided I’d rather the letters be in green, so I ended up painting the canvas white.

I used my Silhouette Cameo and vinyl to make the lettering. I picked the wording I wanted to use and played around with different fonts and text sizes to find something that I thought looked good and fit well on the canvas. The letters were done in Rockwell font and text size varied from 73.20 to 94.15 pt. Once the vinyl letters were cut, I placed them on the painted canvas. I painted over the letters with a sage green paint.

Painted over lettering for DIY boy's rules wall art |

When the paint was dry, I pulled up the vinyl letters. I had to do a little bit of touch up paint, but I was happy with the end result. The sign is now hanging in the nursery.

Finished DIY boy's rules wall art |

Travel Quote Wall Art for the Nursery

I wanted to make something for Gavin’s nursery, and I ended up making two things. One was wall art to hang near the bookcase.

I used the quote – “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

To make the sign, I used a square (10″ x 10″) wooden board I already had, white paint, an old map, mod podge, vinyl, and a Silhouette Cameo.

I cut up the map and used mod podge to glue it on the board. I cut up the map because it was an old one with holes in it, and I didn’t want holes in the lettering. So, don’t look too closely at the map because map pieces were randomly glued down to the board.

I used my Silhouette Cameo and vinyl to make the lettering. The letters were done in Franklin Gothic Heavy font and text size was 93.85 pt. Once the vinyl letters were cut, I placed the letters on the map.

Lettering in place for DIY travel quote wall art |

After the letters were in place, I painted over the whole thing with white paint. I put two coats of paint over the board.

Painted over lettering for DIY travel quote wall art |

When the paint was dry, I pulled up the vinyl letters. I like how the quote shows the underlying map. It was a good way to use an old map and create something for the nursery.

Finished DIY travel quote wall art |

The Nursery

The first room we updated in our new home was the nursery. I wanted to have it painted and decorated before Gavin arrived. We had most of the room finished before his arrival, but I didn’t finish decorating until after he was here.

The walls and trim in the room were originally painted off-white (yellowish). I painted the walls gray using Behr Premium Plus Ultra matte paint (Sparrow – 780F-4). The trim, crown molding, and doors were painted with Behr Premium Plus Ultra satin paint in Ultra Pure White. The closet was painted with Behr Premium Plus Ultra matte paint in Ultra Pure White

When we were having electrical work updated, we had the electricians do some work in this room:
– Replaced the ceiling fan with a new one. We put LED daylight bulbs in the new ceiling fan.
– Replaced the four wall outlets with white decorator outlets. The white decorator wall plates with no visible screws were used on the new outlets.
– Replaced the toggle light switches for the room and closet with white decorator rocker switches. White decorator wall plates with no visible screws were used on the new switches.
– Replaced the cable jack with a white decorator cable jack with no visible screws.
– A combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector was installed. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors were hardwired throughout the house.

Other improvements were:
– Hired someone to remove the popcorn ceiling. Half of the house had popcorn ceiling and we had it all removed before we moved in.
– Replaced the ceiling vent register.
– Replaced the floor vent register.
– Replaced the bronze door hardware (knobs and hinges) with satin nickel knobs and hinges.
– Removed the blinds and put up curtains.
– Replaced the globe on the light fixture in the closet and put a LED daylight bulb in the fixture.
– Redid the closet shelving – removed the shelves and closet rods and brackets. We put in one wood shelf and one closet rod.

We decorated the nursery with a travel theme. We hung a map over the dresser and travel pictures over the bookcase. The travel pictures were photos from trips Michael and I have taken. I like the quote “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover” by Mark Twain, so I used the Explore, Dream, and Discover on the photos. The photos are of the Matterhorn (Switzerland), overwater villas (Bora Bora), and a lake and mountains (New Zealand). I also made a couple of things to hang on the walls. Over the crib, we put up a wall decal found on Esty. We hung airplanes from the ceiling in one corner of the room.

The nursery furniture (crib, dresser, and bookcase) came from Target. We also have the glider that goes with the set, but it’s in our bedroom for now. The top of the dresser is used as a changing station, and the top two drawers of the dresser contain the diaper supplies. Cloth diaper supplies on the left and disposable diapers on the right. The remaining drawers hold Gavin’s clothes. Since he’s so little, most of his clothes fit in the dresser and not much needs to be hung up in the closet.

The quilt on Gavin’s bed was made for him by his Honey (my mother). She and I picked out the fabric at the Tyler Quilt Show earlier this year. She also made the green sheet and afghan for him, plus the trunk is full of items she handmade for him.

Before Photos:

Nursery {Before} |

Nursery {Before} |

Nursery {Before} |

Nursery {Before} |

After Photos:

Nursery {After} |

Nursery {After} |

Travel Photos - Nursery {After} |

Nursery {After} |

Nursery {After} |

Changing Station - Nursery {After} |

Nursery {After} |

Painting the “Home Gym”

This room had been an extra bedroom, but we decided to move our workout equipment in and make a home gym. Our workout equipment was scattered around the house, and in some cases, stashed in closets because we didn’t really have anywhere to leave it out. Before moving everything into the room, I wanted to freshen it up with new paint and curtains.

Painting |

We like neutral colors, so I chose Camel by Olympic for the walls. It was a slightly darker color than what the walls had been. I painted the ceiling Diamond Mine by Olympic.

Home Gym |

Curtains in "Home Gym" |

I also purchased new curtains and curtain rod for the room. I got the curtains at Big Lots and the curtain rod at Garden Ridge. I didn’t want to spend very much on decorating this room, and both places had a few options for curtains and rods that were inexpensive.

Extra Closet Space |

This room has a large closet that’s perfect to store our luggage and additional workout/sports equipment. I also painted the closet using the same colors – Camel and Diamond Mine.

I like having our workout equipment all in one room, and we’re much more likely to use it now!