Monthly Recap (October 2016)

At the first of the month, we went to Dogtoberfest – a craft beer and animal adoption event. It was a lot of fun! Michael and I got to taste some beers, and we all enjoyed walking around the event and seeing the different animals. They had a firetruck and police car there too, so Gavin got to visit with the police and firefighters and look around the vehicles.

Dogtoberfest |

Gavin and I stopped at a local church’s pumpkin sale to get a few pumpkins for the house. The people working the sale were very friendly, and Gavin had a lot of fun looking at the pumpkins and picking out a couple to keep.

Since we had pumpkins, I thought it would be nice to get a few mums and decorate around our front door. I don’t normally decorate for the different seasons, but I thought it would be fun to do, plus it makes our front door look more inviting.

Gavin picking out a pumpkin |

Front door fall decor |

One of the storytimes we went to this month was for fire safety. They had a few firefighters there to talk with the kids about fire safety and show them what the firefighter’s wear. They also had a firetruck and let the kids get on it and learn about how it worked. Gavin loved it! He kept wanting to get in the firetruck. Gavin even made the local paper. They were there to write a story about the fire safety storytime, and Gavin’s picture ended up being in the paper. It was a photo of him touching one of the firefighter’s helmet. Of course, he was interested in touching the helmet. That little boy of mine does love hats!

Gavin on a firetruck |

Gavin in the newspaper |

I started rearranging Gavin’s room. He’s getting close to transitioning to a toddler bed, so I’ve been making a few changes to his room to prepare for that. One change I made was moving his dresser into his closet to free up more floor space. I took down the poster sized map that hung on the wall over the dresser, and made a vinyl alphabet design to hang on the wall. Gavin loves all types of transportation (boats, trucks, planes, etc.), so I used vinyl to cut a boat, plane, bicycle, car, train, and motorcycle to hang on the wall around the alphabet. Gavin likes it. He helped me hang everything up. The alphabet went up first, and he would say the different letters and seemed to like it. But, when the transportation designs started going up, he got a big smile and kept saying “Neat!” – I think the new wall art was a hit with him.

Wall art in Gavin's room |

Wall art in Gavin's room |

Our local library had a special Halloween storytime. The kids could come dressed in their Halloween costumes, and they got a treat – a free book. Gavin went dressed as a lumberjack. He had a good time, and he liked looking at all the costumes. Also, the book he got has been a favorite one all week.

Gavin as a lumberjack {Halloween} |

Gavin as a lumberjack {Halloween} |

Our church hosted a trunk or treat event for the kids. We took Gavin, but it was around his nap time, so he wasn’t too excited. Gavin went dressed as Saint Francis, but I didn’t take any photos. He was a little fussy – mainly he wanted to be held the whole time. But, he did get the hang of saying trick or treat, plus he got some candy and stickers.

Happy Halloween!

Monthly Recap (September 2016)

Home |

Our Master Bedroom and Bathroom remodel was finished. Yay! The contractor work finished at the end of August, but we had a few small things to do ourselves. I’ll write a separate blog post on this remodel with more details. It’s a huge improvement, and we’ve been enjoying our freshly updated room.

Master Bathroom |

We’ve been doing some swimming before it starts to get too cool for it. Gavin likes the water, but he’s not currently interested in learning to swim. He’d rather play and splash around with his toys than work on swimming exercises. I think Michael and I have been enjoying the pool more than Gavin. It’s so great to get in and relax for a little while.

Pool |

Gavin in the Pool |

Gavin’s an active little man, so we try to get out and do fun things. We usually go to storytime at the library each week. He really enjoys being around the other kids and doing the activities. They usually read three books and sing three or four songs… the action songs are Gavin’s favorite. We’ve gone to a couple of playdates and the park. He gets lots of time outside at home, but I still like to take him to the park when we get the chance.

Gavin dancing at the playground |

Gavin exploring the park |

It’s football season! So, we’ve been spending our Saturdays watching the LSU and Texas A&M games. Our TV is usually on whichever SEC games are being aired, but we always watch our two favorite teams. Gavin humors us and wears team colors for whichever game we’re watching.

Gavin cheering on LSU |

Gavin cheering on Texas A&M |

I finished Gavin’s Age 1 photo book. I use Shutterfly for our photo books, and love how they look. I plan on doing one each year for Gavin. My goal is to update the photos each month in Shutterfly, and at the end of each month make the photo pages that display the month’s events that I want to highlight. It takes me a long time to make a photo book I’m happy with, so I think trying to keep up with it each month will be a big help. Hopefully, that’s better than doing the whole photo book at once, like I’ve been doing.

Gavin's Age 1 photo book |

The dogs have been growing! Rocky and Java are both just over forty pounds, and still think they are lap dogs. They are loving pups that prefer to be near us all the time.

Rocky & Java |

The weather was hot for most of the month… It is Texas after all. But, it feels like cooler weather is just around the corner.
Happy Fall!